PVAC Homoploymer

Is a polyvinyl alcohol stabilized polyvinyl acetate emulsion.

The unique combination of high molecular weight, particle size distribution, quick tack, soft, non-drippy, smooth with thixot...

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Full Acrylic dispersion

Acrylic resins are a group of related thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic substances derived from acrylic acid, methyacrylic acid or other related compounds.

Polymethyl acrylate is an ...

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Styrene Butadiene Dispersion

An aqueous styrene butadiene copolymer dispersion that is APEO free. This dispersion gives plasticising properties in cementitious media. It also improves adhesion on diverse substrates, shock and ...

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Styrene Acrylic dispersion

Aqueous dispersion of a styrene acrylic copolymer, anionic, APEO free.

APPLICATION: Based on a low Tg polymer, dispersion gives outstanding flexibility to the formulations. It is recommen...

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