Specialty & other Chemicals

Calcium Carbonates

Surface Coated Precipitated Calcium Carbonates – TAK2, TAK3, TAK40, SA-100G

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Rubber Colour Masterbatch

Our colour masterbatch uses the SBR rubber as base. The SBR rubber colour masterbatch can be used for any rubber compound; the amount of SBR used in comparison would not affect the final properties...

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Titanium Dioxide R-996, LR-972

They are Zirconia (Silicon in the case of LR-972) and Alumina treated rutile titanium dioxide pigment. It is proved to have excellent outdoor durability and super gloss in paint & coating, ink ...

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Carbon black N330

Carbon black N330 is the most widely used high abrasionfurnace black.  The abrasion of the N330 compounds is lower than ISAF compounds but better than those of channel black-com...

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Carbon black N550

Carbon black N550 has smooth particle surface and high structure, resulting in best reinforcement properties among soft carbon blacks.

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Carbon black N375

Carbon black N375 is another grade of high abrasion furnace black with high structure (new technology). Its structure is a little lower than N339, and its properties are similar...

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