Pigments 颜料

Ng Beng Tee Sdn Bhd is one of the leading suppliers of colorants to coatings industry, plastic industry, printing ink industry and other special application industries. The colorants product range includes organic and inorganic pigment, colour dyes, effect pigment, pigment preparations for variety of application.

Organic & Inorganic Pigments :-

  • It is suitable for variety application in different industries; Coating, plastic, printing ink, specialty industries and etc.

Pigment Paste :-

  • Our paste is specially formulated to cater for water base, solvent base, epoxy base and universal resin system.

Fluorescent pigments :-

  • These pigments are of high quality and suitable for Inks, Coatings, Plastic and Speciality Industries. We also have special effect pigments that Glow in the Dark.

HTS Series

Heat resistant pigments.A daylight fluorescemt pigment base on thermoset resin matrix for high temperature plastics processing to limit the loss of colour which may occur with different t...

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HSP Series

A formaldehyde free pigment designed principally for paper, coating, textile printing and general purpose users in water-based and some solvent based ink and paint application.

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